Specialty Products

Versatile Choice for Home Office, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

No matter where you work, learn, live, or play, chances are specialty products made with fiberboard surround you. Strong and rigid, yet lightweight, fiberboard’s versatility makes it the perfect material for a limitless array of home, office, commercial or industrial uses, including:

  • Laminated desktops, chair seats, and other furniture products requiring a durable, lightweight substrate
  • Tackable, gouge-resistant school and office bulletin boards or temporary wall partitions
  • Sturdy, dust-free custom packaging materials for shipping glass,slate, fine furniture, and other fragile items
  • Door cores, metallic filing cabinets, office partitions, and other products requiring sound-deadening capabilities
  • Archery targets and dart boards where softness combined with sturdiness is required to safely stop arrows and darts and keep them from breaking into the harder backer board 
Fiberboard is also extremely machineable and can be edge-banded, routed, drilled, or die cut. It can also be laminated to hardboard, plywood, metal, cork, plastic, and other materials.

Fiberboard’s usage is further extended by the fact it easily accepts a wide variety of finishes — from paint and paper, to veneers and high-pressure laminates.


Fiberboard is particularly well-suited for a limitless array of home, office, commercial, or industrial uses because it provides a wide variety of features including:

  • Lightweight durability
  • Tackable, gouge-resistant surfaces
  • Sound-deadening properties
  • Easy machineability
  • Versatile finishing options